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[Swisspure] 1/2 Half Sponge Sheet
NEW FORMULA of cotton pads! No more wasting your toner but use it smart way~!
[SKINFOOD] Wedge Puff 4ps
Perfect sponge for applying foundation, BB or any type of cream.
[Holika] Lip Brush
Holika Holika Lip Brush Clearly expresses lip colors, and gives delicate and high fitting lip make up look.
[Holika] Finish Brush
Holika Holika Finish Brush Picks up foundations or powder type products and gently buffs color onto skin.
[Holika] Eyeliner Brush
Holika Holika Eyeliner Brush Applies gel and cake type eyeliner gently.
[Holika] Eyebrow Brush
Holika Holika Eyebrow Brush Precisely fills in and helps shape eyebrows.

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