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Small Steps towards a big dream

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

To whomever may be reading this, I’m Leah, the owner of Choc Choc Cosmetics

Choc Choc has been a loved small business and has been spotlighted a lot this year. Throughout the holiday season, I’ve been so thankful for our customers who've strongly supported Choc Choc for many years.

There are many ways to give back the love we’ve received and although it’s hard to choose just one, we wanted to spread the love back to fellow small brands/businesses.

In Korea, the beauty industry market is larger than ever before. From my experiences attending many beauty expos and conferences in Korea, there are tons of new brands that we've never seen or heard of! With the buzz around viral skincare products nowadays, It’s hard to shine a spotlight on lesser-known brands that create just as amazing products but, my goal is to change that!

I was lucky enough to participate in one of the projects where I had meetings with other Korean skincare brands to hear about their story and get to know about their products. It was a very humbling experience for me to realize how much passion and effort they pour into their products.

After I evaluated each brand, I decided to import products from about 10 different brands with the products I think people would love the most. Since they don’t have experience in importing their products to the US, it was a big dream of theirs.

Below, you will see all of the new products we have received from these hard-working small businesses. I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do. With these products and Korean skincare in general, each high-quality ingredient is carefully chosen to target specific skin concerns and actually deliver the results you’re looking for.

*You'll find more details about products on our product page :)

As you support my dream as a small business owner, let’s support their dream as a fellow small brand together! You’re welcome to stop by Choc Choc to test out their product and ask any questions you may have to our amazing team.


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