[BANOBAGI] Vita Cocktail Foil Mask #Brightening


A great foil mask for brightening up and hydrating.

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Product Description

What is this?

BANOBAGI Vita Cocktail Brightening Foil Sheet Mask contains vita cocktail & lemon extract, makes dull and uneven skin tone even out thoroughly, also bright and lively. Great for dark spots around the face if you use it regularly. The foil cotton sheet locks the moisturizing ingredients while you are having it on, so your skin can absorb moisture even better than regular cotton sheet mask.


How to use?

1.Thoroughly wash & dry face.
2.Take out and unfold the mask and apply on your face.
3.Remove the mask after 10~20 minutes
and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.


Main Ingredients 

Vita Complex Minerals, Lemon Extract


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