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Honey Skin & Glass Skin

What it is and how to get it


If you're interested in Korean skincare, you have likely heard the terms honey skin and glass skin before. Maybe you associate these terms with having flawless skin- which is kind of true!

Glass skin is a bit of a newer term than honey skin, and one that has taken over social media entirely at that. Glass skin refers to skin so smooth and luminous, it seems to almost be encased in a sheet of glass. Honey skin is more of a standard phrase that has circulated through Korea for years now. Honey skin is dewy and plump in appearance.

So, how do you achieve these enviable looks? Any skin type and any age group can boast these appearances. The secret is super healthy skin! Some people may say adding extra steps with foundation and highlighter is the way to go, but natural glass or honey skin is simply well moisturized and nourished.

With Korean skincare, double cleansing is a must. Making sure the skin is squeaky clean is an imperative part of a routine (okay, maybe not "squeaky"- let's not strip our skin). After making sure your skin is free of any debris, exfoliate! Freeing the skin of any dead skin cells will allow your hydrating products to deeply and quickly penetrate skin.

Maybe you know the Korean 10 Step Method already, so we won't go into detail about every step. One essential skincare step for glass skin, though, is essence. Never skip essences to have plump and bouncy skin! Essences are watery in texture and quickly absorb into skin, providing much needed nutrients and hydration on the way. Celebrities known for glass or honey skin often times mention applying multiple layers of essences to provide as much hydration as their skin will take- sometimes up to 20 layers! Essences have been a staple in Korean skincare for decades, long before the term was even known in the western world. Check out Missha's Time Revolution First Treatment Essence as an example of a typical and well-known Korean essence.