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Skincare as Rare As you are- Choc Choc's 2nd product is Here

Meet Truffle Power Wrinkle Care Spot Treatment on Sat, March 5 at Choc Choc!

We’re finally unveiling the second product made by Choc Choc! This product, created by listening to your skincare wants and needs, contains a spot care formula that can be applied thinly, not only around the eyes but also to any areas where fine lines are a concern.

Leah took a trip to Korea last year to complete this new formulation. It was such an exciting and joyful journey to work with the best team in Korea to create the best product for our customers.

Truffle Power Wrinkle Spot Treatment helps improve skin elasticity and treat pigmentation primarily with extract of truffle, a rare fungus known as the black diamond of the earth, and hibiscus which is excellent for providing antioxidants and brightening care.

Instead of the usual heavy and stuffy formulation of treatments, you can easily roll this concentrated yet comfortable serum-type texture onto skin any time of the day. The applicator is a metal ball that maintains a cool temperature to effectively treat any swelling and promote circulation.

Lightly roll this product around your eyes, eyebrows, smile lines, and even down the neck at any time, especially morning and night, for convenient and effective skincare!