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Sustainable cleansing cubes that cater to multiple skin concerns!


This adorable eco pouch contains 8 cleansing cubes. You'll notice three different cube colors: pink, green, and yellow! Each cube helps gently target specific skin concerns.


Pink: Sensitive skin and barrier soothing


Green: Acne/Oily prone


Yellow: Moisturizing/Brightening


The cleansing cubes also come with a foam-making pouch making it easier to create a cleansing foam. This set should last you a few months!

[Layer.P] Multi Cleansing Cube

SKU: 8809853310173
  • 1. Put a cleansing cube into the foam maker

    2. Rub it after wetting the foam maker under warm water

    3. Cleanse your face with the foam and rinse with water

    4. Rinse the foam making under water and hang it somewhere to dry!

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