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These new body scrubs are super popular for it's gentle and natural ingredients with a calming fragrance! A mildly exfoliating and skin-smoothening scrub that'll help boost the skin's elasticity and radiance!


Salty Honey Scrub: Gives the skin a glossy glow! It helps nourish and firm the skin! 

Salty Rice Scrub: Evens out hyperpigmentation!

Salty Ssuk Scrub: Soothes irritated skin!

Salty Coal Scrub: Cleanses the pores while firming the skin!

Salty Coco Scrub: Strengthens the skin barrier!

Salty Pumpkin Scrub: Helps manage excess sebum and hydrates the skin!

Salty Eucalyptus Scrub: Helps calm and soothe the skin!

[Sal Therapy] Salty Body Scrubs


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