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k-skincare is acne's worst enemy.

Let me explain why:

For years, so many people have been searching for a solution to their acne. From exfoliating every day, using rubbing alcohol on the skin, and using some popular "acne-friendly" Western skincare brands that we all know of. But, in the past couple of years, we've come to a realization that those trends don't serve us anymore and can actually do more harm than good. Today, we'll get into the key ingredients and products you can use to ACTUALLY prevent and heal your acne. Plus, there will be a special discount code at the end!

What ingredients should you use to heal your acne?


Cica (also known as Centella) is a plant that is used to help calm inflammation and irritation. It's perfect to use during a breakout to help bring down redness and pain from the acne itself! It's also extremely sensitive skin-friendly.


AHA (also known as Glycolic Acid) works as a mild chemical exfoliant that will help smoothen surface-level texture like whiteheads! This is the perfect ingredient to use during or after an active breakout. You can use this ingredient once or twice a week but make sure to not overdo it, as this would cause a damaged skin barrier.


Mugwort (also known as Artemesia) is a plant that focuses on combating redness and inflammation. Mugwort can be used every day as it's not stripping or exfoliating. This is the perfect ingredient to use before a breakout to prevent further irritation. This ingredient also helps protect the skin from environmental pollutants.


Ceramides are lipids found in the skin cells and hold your skin cells together and keep the skin barrier strong! Ceramides are essential in acne treatment, especially for dryer skin types. When your skin barrier is ruined from over-exfoliation, ceramides will help smoothen skin texture and repair the barrier.

Green Tangerine

Green Tangerine is a fruit that contains 10X more Vitamin C than other fruits making this a great Vitamin C alternative instead of using the pure ingredient. Using this fruit can help brighten acne scarring, smoothen texture, and reduce redness!


Thank you for reading until the end! As a gift, here's a

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