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Why a K-POP Store?

Leah here!✋🏻

I’m sure you’ve seen it on social media or heard from friends. I’ve officially opened a K-pop store called KPOPMERCH by Choc Choc across from where Choc Choc cosmetics is located. 

I know many of you were excited to hear this news but I never explained why I wanted to take this step. 

I’ll put it simply. 

I’m so proud of Korean culture and K-pop is something that represents it. Through K-pop, I want my customers to find more joy in life!

I was amazed at how K-pop impacts people's lives in the USA. It was more to them than just the looks, singing, and dancing. Their song and their existence brought strength and comfort to people's lives. K-pop communities are very strong and are growing every day. I notice so many people making friends from sharing this same interest.

When I designed the store, I wanted my shop to be a cozy and warm place for those who love K-pop. Everyone is welcome. I want them to talk about their favorite K-pop groups, trade their photocard, and build memories. 

Now the doors are open! If you’re a K-pop fan, I hope you get a chance to stop by. Even if you don’t love K-pop, the store’s inviting spirit will give you a great experience. 

Again, I’m so thankful for all your support in making my dreams come true. Your consistent love and support toward Choc Choc gives me all the motivation I need. 


Leah Kim


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