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it's all about Grain power

Choc Choc’s original cleansing foam just made its official debut! 

Leah has taken multiple trips to create Choc Choc’s very first foam cleanser. 

With customers skincare preferences regarding cleansers in mind, Leah and the Choc Choc team tested numerous different formulations to find the best cleansing foam for all skin types. 

For the GRAIN POWER CLEANSING FOAM, we collected all the grains that are beneficial for our skin. As a main ingredient, we used (56%) rice bran water as a base formula instead of just purified water. Combined with ingredients like oats, barley, wheat, red bean, and soybean, this cleansing foam’s superpower is to deeply nourish, thoroughly cleanse, and gently soften the skin! Also, all the powerful sub-ingredients such as galactomyces, panthenol, tea tree, mugwort, and rosemary boost your skin elasticity and reduce sensitivity. 

Although this foam's texture is light, it will deeply cleanse your skin without irritation, leaving you with glowy and clean skin. Also, It’s 2 times bigger than regular cleansing foams! It lasts longer and is perfect to share with your family and friends. 

We hope everybody enjoys this exclusive cleanser made with tons of love by Choc Choc and thank you for joining us on this journey. Without your support and love, nothing is possible as a small business. 

Click the link down below to see more details of our new grain power cleanser :) 

Love you all. Stay Choc Choc!     


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