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The secret's of K-pop idol makeup and how easy it is to achieve the look

Updated: 3 days ago

It's no secret that "looks" are an important aspect of K-pop, specifically, makeup. From the perfectly smooth skin and rosy cheeks to the glittery eyes finished with rhinestones, A lot of makeup trends today are based on K-pop Idol looks! (and who doesn't want to be as cute as their favorite idol?). Most people think that Idol makeup can't be achieved because they look unrealistically perfect but, today you will learn that these looks can be achieved with only a couple of products (and you don't have to be a makeup expert to achieve them) We will discuss three main categories of these looks: Aegyo Sal and eye makeup, the perfect ombre lip, and cheeks + face makeup.



What is Aegyo Sal? Aegyo Sal is the skin underneath your eyes on the edge of your lower eyelids (seen in the photo on the left). This may not be noticed in other places but in Korea, the goal is to have a defined Aegyo Sal! This makes the eyes look younger and bigger. But, this isn't noticeable to everyone so how do you change that? There's only one product you need: Etude House Cute Eyes Maker at Choc Choc.