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The secret's of K-pop idol makeup and how easy it is to achieve the look

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

It's no secret that "looks" are an important aspect of K-pop, specifically, makeup. From the perfectly smooth skin and rosy cheeks to the glittery eyes finished with rhinestones, A lot of makeup trends today are based on K-pop Idol looks! (and who doesn't want to be as cute as their favorite idol?). Most people think that Idol makeup can't be achieved because they look unrealistically perfect but, today you will learn that these looks can be achieved with only a couple of products (and you don't have to be a makeup expert to achieve them) We will discuss three main categories of these looks: Aegyo Sal and eye makeup, the perfect ombre lip, and cheeks + face makeup.



What is Aegyo Sal? Aegyo Sal is the skin underneath your eyes on the edge of your lower eyelids (seen in the photo on the left). This may not be noticed in other places but in Korea, the goal is to have a defined Aegyo Sal! This makes the eyes look younger and bigger. But, this isn't noticeable to everyone so how do you change that? There's only one product you need: Etude House Cute Eyes Maker at Choc Choc.

[Etude] Cute Eyes Maker

Create super cute and youthful under-eye makeup with this easy-to-use dual-ended eye contour product! One end has a glitter eyeshadow tip applicator and the other end has a slim 2mm liner with just the right amount of pigment for delicate under-eye contouring! The product is available in two shades: Champagne Nude and Peach Nude



When doing idol makeup, the key is glitter of any kind. Glitter and eyeshadow are used in both Male and Female Idol looks! You can apply it to the eyelids, and under-eyes, or for a subtle shimmer you can apply it to the inner corner. When it comes to eyeshadow, you can do smokey eyes, bright colors, or subtle neutrals for a more natural look. You don't need brushes or any fancy techniques!

[Etude] Tear Eye Liner

Make your eyes sparkle with

these shimmering liquid eyeliners! This liquid liner contains superfine glitters to give your eyes a sparkling and dazzling effect!

[Rom&nd] Better Than Palette #PampasGarden

This eye shadow palette has 10 stunning spring-like warm tones in matte and glitter finishes to create a variety of looks! The palette color range includes shades in five levels of brightness intensity to allow color layering for a well-defined and blended eye look. The super-fine glitter particles apply smoothly onto the eyelids without fallout!



Almost all Idol makeup looks contain some sort of lip color! It can tie in the colors of the outfit, hair color, and even give the face more of an "awaken" look! It's quite simple to get that velvety/ombre lip look with only one lip product. A lot of Idols use a lip tint that has a mousse-like texture and tints the lips for a few hours (lip tints can be used on the cheeks as well!)

[Peripera] Ink Airy Velvet Tint

This matte lip tint is light as air! This lip tint has silk powders that give it a smooth glide and soft matte finish. It also contains elastomer that fills in the fine curves of your lips so you can get that emollient finish. It's enriched with Green Tea Seed Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, and Mango Seed Oil to infuse nourishment and moisture into the lips, keeping them plump and smooth.



I believe that the base for most Idol makeup looks is quite simple and is made to look as "natural" as possible! Depending on your skin type, more lightweight, medium-coverage concealers and foundations should work best for this type of look. One common thing about most idols is that they all have GLOWING skin (Similar to a glass skin look!) You don't have to bake and harshly contour your face.

Another must-have is blush! It's the perfect finishing touch to your look and really gives the skin a more youthful appearance. Depending on where you place the blush, it will slightly change the shape of your face (more lifted or round).

[KAHI] Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm

The product you've seen all over K-Dramas is finally at Choc Choc! The KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm moisturizes the skin and helps stimulate collagen production to promote skin elasticity and firmness. It does this with a complex of salmon collagen, salmon PDRN, and salmon proteoglycan. It is also infused with a naturally fermented oil blend from Jeju Island containing Turmeric, Scion Root, Omija, and Gardenia. (Is guaranteed to give "glass skin")

[MISSHA] M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ (6 Shades Available!)

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is a high-coverage cream that offers moisturization and sun protection. The lightweight BB cream brightens, evens, soothes, and covers discoloration and imperfections of the skin. It contains Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides to keep your skin moisturized and supple while rosemary leaf and chamomile flower extract help soothe the skin.

[Peripera] Double Longwear Cover Cushion SPF 45/PA++

A cushion foundation with amazing coverage and lasting power! The double-layer formulation for a non-drying matte finish. The first layer creates a water soluble film to retain moisture while the second layer creates an oil soluble film that smooths texture!


And of course, always remember to have fun with this! These products are simple to use and you can experiment with them however you'd like!

Check out our website for more makeup and skincare products used by your favorite Idols!


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