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This fragrance-free foam features a few main ingredients, 56% of Rice Brand Water and a few different grains such as Oats, Wheat, Barley, Red Bean, and Soybean! These ingredients combine together to nourish the skin deeply and can help with many concerns from acne, dull skin, all the way to stimulating collagen production. Its soft and feathery texture ensures that the skin is never left with a dry and tight feeling. You can use it in the AM and PM as it also goes well with the double cleansing process!


What can these grains do for the skin?


Wheat: Reduces sensitivity, boosts the skin’s elasticity 


Barley: Controls sebum 


Red bean: Softens skin’s texture, wrinkle care, reduces irritation


Soy bean: Stimulates collagen, prevents acne, restores damaged skin quickly 


Oat: Anti-oxidant, lots of minerals and Vitamin B, Anti-inflammatory 


Here's a few other ingredients you should know about!


Allantoin: Hydrating, soothing, strengthening the skin barrier, anti-inflammatory


 Panthenol: B5 pro vitamin. Deeply hydrating, preventing water loss.


Galatomyces: firms, brightens, enhances skin’s condition


Tea Tree: Anti-inflammatory, soothing, sebum control


 Mugwort: Calms irritation and balances redness


 Rosemary: Speeds up skin cell turnover



[Choc Choc] Grain Power Cleansing Foam