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Choc choc's 8th birthday🎉

My name is Leah Kim, the owner of Choc Choc Cosmetics.

I wanted to say thank you to our old and new customers for supporting my small business for many years. It’s been such a privilege to be a part of the local community and meet my amazing neighbors through my store.

I still can’t believe it, but Choc Choc is turning 8 years old next Saturday. There's 8 years of heartfelt memories and it always makes me happy and I feel strongly supported.

Here is a picture from Choc Choc's old location, one of my heartfelt memories.❤️

Saturday Nov 11, We’ll have our 8th birthday party at Choc Choc. Please come and celebrate together with us!

Love you and stay Choc Choc!

Here are the event details!



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