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2023 Skincare Awards

2023 has been such a big year for Choc Choc. We've curated lots of new products to embrace a bigger range of skin concerns and needs. This increased a lot of traffic.

Here are the top products for each step. We hope this helps give you an idea of what's been popular amongst skincare lovers and makes it easier to pick out your next product from us!

The brand that shined the most was our brand. Since we manufacture our own products, they are exclusive to our store only. Especially for our Rice Power Essence, Choc Choc sold almost 1,000 bottles this year. It's such a big milestone for a small business.

Thank you for supporting our small businesses throughout this year and I hope to see you at the store so we can provide you Choc Choc skin ("well-moisturized skin" in Korean).

Happy Holiday's and Stay Choc Choc✨


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