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How Choc Choc is rewarding customers for recycling

The sustainability movement is picking up pace, and shows no sign of slowing down. Many consumers and customers of all industries are becoming more aware of how their shopping habits affect the environment. However responsibility cannot be solely placed on the consumer. Companies, large and small, have the most crucial role in helping preserve and better the environment.

Choc Choc sees and understands this responsibility. That is why we have launched our “Stay Sustainable” recycling program. Customers can now bring in their empty bottles of Choc Choc’s original products, Rice Power Essence and Truffle Power Wrinkle Spot Treatment, to be recycled and in return, receive a 20% discount on their repurchase.

Choc Choc isn’t in this alone, though. For a limited time we are partnering with Dear, Klairs to recycle their products as well. When customers bring in a full size Klairs product, purchased from Choc Choc, to be recycled we will give them a free travel size Klairs product.

This is only Choc Choc's first step in becoming more environmentally friendly. We are working towards becoming a brand that can be good for your skin and the planet.

Stay Choc Choc and Stay Sustainable💚


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