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These daily, low-irritant, masks are made of a breathable 0.2mm air sheet that effectively delivers essence to your skin!



Lemon [Fresh moisture + brightening] : Lemon (rich in vitamin C) and niacinamide brighten and even skin tone. 


Strawberry [Brightening + Shine effect] : Strawberryextract and niacinemide brighten and hydrate skin. 


Hyaluronic Acid [Hydrating effect + Powerful moisture] : The hyaluronic acid has a remarkable power to retain the moisture. It leaves skin hydrated and plump. 


Manuka Honey [Rich nutrition + Deep moisture effect] : Manuka honey is renowned for its rich nutrition and moisture. Adenosine also improves elasticity. 


Collagen [Moist nutrition + Improve skin elasticity] : The ample collagen components and adenosine (wrinkle improvement) help to reinforce both the natural strength of skin and water retention capability.


Snail [Smooth firming + Skin protection effect] : Snail mucin makes your skin smooth and glowy. It also helps to reinforce the skin barrier. 


Ceramide [Deep moisture + Reinforce the skin barrier] : Ceramide quenches the skin dry giving the rich and deep moisture to the skin. Also, it helps strenghten the skin barrier and keep the moisture for a long time. 


Pearl [Brightening + Moisturization] : Pearl extract is brightens and moisturizes skin.


Aloe [Soothing + Hydration] :  This mask provides abundant moisture to dry, hot skin with aloe. It makes skin comfortable and healthy by relieving skin of external stimuli and stress.


Madecassoside [Soothing + Defense] : Madecassoside soothes and protects skin.


White Flower [Moisturization + Brightening] : White Flowers delivers a Moisturizing & Brightening effect to skin.


Tea Tree [Refreshing + Soothing] : Tea Tree is great for soothing sensitive skin and calming down acne. 

[Etude] 0.2mm Air Sheet Mask