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The Korean 10 Step Method

We already know that Korean skincare has taken over the cosmetic world. Its increasing popularity has trickled into the daily lives of numerous international skincare junkies. But why? Of course the unique formulations and reasonable price points have been intriguing, not to mention the inclusivity of all skin types. Something that has a larger effect than we realize, though, is the Korean 10 Step Method.

The Korean 10 Step Method is a set routine of ten skincare steps, each step placed in the order to make it most effective. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking the same question I get asked all the time- “Do I have to do all ten steps?” The answer is… of course you don’t! That’s the beauty of this routine. It is completely adjustable to everyone. The point is to offer an array of products that can be layered well to achieve a fix for every concern you might have for your skin. The 10 Step Method first blew up many years ago now, and it has adjusted continuously over the years. What has stuck over time, though, is the structure it provides for those discovering exactly what their skin needs and how it will react to different products or ingredients.

Let’s get into the order of the steps and what each step entails.

1 Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansers are, as you might assume, oil based. I generally like to describe the function of oil cleansers as something meant to remove everything on the surface of the skin- think makeup, SPF, etc., but they can also get down deeper into pores and help balance sebum levels. Starting your double cleanse with an oil cleanser is a perfect way to get a full yet gentle cleanse. Gone are the days of rubbing and tugging at your skin to remove matte foundations and waterproof mascaras. Oil cleansers easily break these formulations down while also supplying nutritional oils to the skin to keep them moisturized and healthy. This first, gentle cleanse preps skin for your next step of cleansing.

2 Water Cleanser