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The most trendy skincare ingredients in Korea today

Updated: Feb 18

At this point, it's no secret that Korean skincare has taken over the skincare community over the past few years. From the Cosrx Viral Snail Mucin Essence to 10-step skincare routines, everyone seems to be participating in this exciting change to how we view skincare. But, let's take a closer look into the most-loved ingredients in these most-loved products. We will be focusing on three of the most popular ingredients in Korea right now. These include: Honey/Propolis, Rice, and Ginseng


Some may think honey is only for food or tea but, a lot of Korean skincare contains honey,

or you may see a skin care product that says that it contains Propolis (I'll explain that later!).

Honey is a very beneficial and natural ingredient that works well with dry, aging, and acne-prone skin. This ingredient helps stabilizes the bacteria and speeds up the healing process in the skin which is why it can help with blemish care and dry skin. For more mature skin, honey will keep the skin plump, hydrated, and even help with fine lines. Propolis is actually a mixture created from different parts of plants and buds! It's very nourishing for the skin and can help with redness, aging, acne, dryness, etc... so, if you find a product with propolis, pick it up!

(as long as you don't have an allergy)